Rooftop Tents are pretty cool

If you were never a fan of just normal camping, gaining popularity in the recent years in the United States is rooftop camping. I’m not talking about how city people camp by setting up a tent on their roof, although I can see how you would think that just by hearing it. I’m actually talking about a folded-up tent that is strapped to the roof rack of your car. Once you park into your spot on the camping site, you can open it up for an easy setup. It is fairly common in places like Australia and Africa in the Outback and the wilderness. For more information on the growth of rooftop camping in the U.S., check out this article.

It definitely has its upsides to it versus regular camping where you have to set up tents on the ground. Speaking of setup, the setup for regular tents may be difficult and time consuming. Whereas, the setup for the rooftop tent is very simple and quick to do. Regular tents have many and various parts, which forces you to figure out what goes where and what attaches to something else. It can be confusing and stressful, especially if you’re setting it up for the first time. Rooftop tents, on the other hand, pops open with ease. All you have to do is pull down on the ladder and then pull out extending the ladder until it hits the ground. Your tent is basically set after just those few steps. Optionally, you can add a few more steps for opening windows to the tent, but that’s about it. You can also add an annex that attaches to the base of your tent for more space on the ground if you have the need to. It has enough space for another person to sleep comfortably in between the ladder and the car. And just as simple as it was to set up the rooftop tent, it’s just as easy breaking down the tent making cleanup a piece of cake. Another positive feature is that the tent comes with a foam mattress, so you will only need to bring a pillow and a sleeping bag. It’ll actually help save you some money not having to purchase your own air mattress or roller mats. This type of camping would be beneficial for those that like to camp and enjoy the scenery but are afraid of the bugs and insects that reside in the space that you are intruding. All of the windows to the tent are made up of netting, so that mosquitos and gnats aren’t able to get through to bother you. Although for the sake of convenience, the windows have zippers to them in case you need someone to pass you an item from below.


The only variable that may throw you off the rooftop camping trail is the cost. Some tents can cost over $1,000. So, if you are curious about it and are willing to cough up the money to experience what this type of camping is all about, make sure you or your family will enjoy it and go often!

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