The Toughest race of your life. 

There are many ways to challenge yourself physically and mentally in today’s modern world. In fact, some would consider getting to the gym and having a good work out to be both of those things. But for most people pushing yourself to the limit is not something everyday life often puts in front of you. So for those interested in testing your physical and mental limits there is something for you. It is called Tough Mudder and it lives up to its name in a full on test your limits experience. 

So what is Tough Mudder exactly? Well, simply put it is a race filled with obstacles that test your physical and mental strength in a relatively safe environment. The idea is to step out of comfort zone and see how much you can accomplish on a course designed to push your limits. Whether that be running through the mud and jumping over haystacks or swinging on rings and climbing 20 foot walls it is an experience you won’t forget. While this might sound  intimidating to most there are difference courses designed for a variety of skill levels. From a novice who just enjoys leisure activities to the most dedicated physical fitness person there is something for you. 

In any activity where you are pushing yourself hard it is always a wise precaution to have someone spot or be with at all times. This is the case with Tough Mudder as it’s encouraged to bring a team with you such as friends, family or workout partners. But even if you are lone wolf and prefer to do it on your own it is comforting to know there are staff members and medical personnel on site just in case. But to maximize your experience it is highly encouraged to bring a team with you. Many of the activities are great for team building and chemistry. Also, to have someone pushing you and rooting for you to succeed is more helpful than you might imagine especially in those moments when you want to give up. 

If you want to know more or you have been looking for an experience like this go visit the Tough Mudders website for full details. Everything you need to know from what to expect, to types of obstacles and even what to wear it’s all there for you. Here is the link below and as always train properly, prepare mentally and seek your medical professional if you have any health issues.

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